Looking for the Light is now available through Bandcamp. Click on the Music tab above or Buy in the player below.

The official video for "Caravan" from Looking For The Light premiered on Americana Highways and Christopher's Youtube channel on April 1st.

The latest in my duo series of streaming concerts features Bryce Rabideau on guitar, mandolin and vocals, some songs from Looking For The Light and some older songs. Click the Shows tab above for the upcoming dates or on Youtube to view other streams on Christopher's Youtube channel.

Click the Shows tab above for the upcoming dates or on Youtube to view other streams on Christopher's Youtube channel.

Reviews of Looking For The Light

"Christopher Mark Jones is an amazing songwriter and his most recent recording, Looking for the Light, is proof. The compelling raspiness of his voice combined with the simplicity and gentleness of the melodies bring out depths of sincerity and truth in each song." Jon Stein, Hootenanny Café, WTBQ 93.5 FM (Warwick, NY) WGHT 98.3fm (North Jersey, NYC).

"Christopher Mark Jones' newest release Looking for the Light has a wonderfully positive vibe and mix of genres. The stories, vivid imagery, social commentary and personal philosophy combined with tasty arrangements and his lovely breathy, slow vibrato vocal quality makes this album a warm and welcome respite after such a tough year. Louise Coombe – songwriter/singer – latest release Lay It Down.

"Christopher Mark Jones’s new record Looking for the Light is a solid testament to his virtues as an artist and a human. Recorded in a year when so many simply wrung their hands while waiting to see what would happen next, this record was impeccably recorded at his home studio and is an intelligent and hopeful and, frankly, cool piece of work. The songs display a great range of mood and musical genre and are delivered with a compassionate and confident voice. As if that wasn’t enough, the musical arrangements are gorgeous. Lucky we are to have CMJ with us on this strange and beautiful ride." Noah Zacharin – singer/songwriter/poet guitarist – latest release A Sparkle of Wings.

"Some songwriters communicate. Jones shares enough of his experiences to guide audiences to their own stories hidden snugly between the lines of his songs. It’s artistry rooted in song craftsmanship, ultimately more about the listener than a singer whose authentic rasp suggests he has lived every moment of every song."" John Hayes, Manager, Pittsburgh Songwriters Circle

"I just listened to it for the first time today, and it blew me away! The lyrics are riveting, and that's an understatement."" Dan Murphy, The Acoustic Outpost, (Hollis, NY)

"Like well-built furniture, CMJ’s songs are both lovely, and constructed with a careful attention to detail." Brad Yoder, singer-songwriter - latest release Excellent Trouble

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"Railway Track" (Incantations) Official music video

"The Fire So Soon" filmed by Charlie Steen in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. With Dave Gillespie (guitar) and Greg Winters (bass).

"Home At Last" live at Studio 256.

"Caravan" live at Steamworks Creative

Christopher Mark Jones' Youtube channel